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Network Distributing/ Network Video

Network Distributing was set up by Tim Beddows in 1997, specialising in releasing vintage television and film on VHS, and later DVD and Blu-ray. Their first release was a compilation of public information films, first shown in the 1960s and 1970s; they followed this with the 1964 French/German series The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe which was shown almost every summer on British TV from 1965 to 1982, and then the 1980s series Robin of Sherwood. Network was involved in the film restorations, always ensuring the best quality. In addition they commissioned documentaries and commentaries, and even new comics and "making of" books for their releases. Over 25 years, more than 4000 titles were produced.

In the early 2000s, the company was acquired by the large UK media company Virgin, and with their backing they were able to get the rights to Granada/ITV catalogue, including ITC. This would include most of the Gerry Anderson series (although ITV kept Thunderbirds to themselves). They followed this with a deal with Freemantle for the Thames library, and later with Studio Canal which included many British films. With these major catalogues, Network was able to leave Virgin to become independent again.

The company started to introduce video on demand (streaming video), but concentrated on physical media.

Beddows died in 2022, and since he owned the majority of shares, the company was dissolved in June 2023.

November 2005 Space: 1999 Series One Special Edition DVD Box set cover
November 2010 Space; 1999 The Complete First Series DVD and Blu-ray DVD final cover
May 2013 Look-Back on '70s Telly Volume 4 DVD
includes Space: 1999 paper doll
December 2014 Bringers Of Wonder Special Edition Blu-ray Network Blu-Ray
September 2015 Complete Second Series Blu-ray and DVD Standard DVD packaging
October 2015 ITV 60 DVD (compilation) ITV 60 cover
October 2016 The Complete Series Blu-ray and DVD DVD
January 2022 Super Space Theatre Blu-ray Super Space Theater cover
March 2022 Ultimate Space: 1999 Blu-ray and DVD Ultimate Space: 1999 DVD

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