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Moonbase Alpha

The travel tube. On both the 1/24 scale and the full Moonbase Alpha model, the travel tubes are actually square.

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Two buildings. The left one is on the right below (with the round house on top).

The Dorcons

The one on the right is on the right of the shot below.

The Dorcons
War Games

The building in the foreground right can be seen in the photos below (photos by Phil Rae).

Space Warp

Martin Bower built this distinctive building for Year 2 (see episodes). It also appears in the Jif "Alien Attack" advert. The model was seen being sold as part of a fund-raising campaign by the children's TV series Blue Peter in 1979.

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The large round wooden circle under the waste dome is the base for the Main Mission tower.

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The transference dome from Journey To Where is also seen in other second series shots. It is remarkably similar to a construction on the Daria in Mission Of the Darians (i.e. a salvaged model section).

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The Moonbase Alpha "radar" from Force Of Life with a 22 inch Eagle command module, possibly intended for crash scenes..

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