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The Immunity Syndrome

This is the large model glider, seen in close up on the Eagle spine, in the cloud scenes, and in the crash scene. The smaller model was used on the 44 inch Eagle and some cloud scenes.

There is a large mounting hole in the rear. The model would be slotted on to a metal rod which would hold it during filming.

The wings have a few changes since filming. The model originally had a wing fence in the middle, and a probe (Pitot tube?) at the end of the wing - neither of these features are visible in photos from the Space City exhibition (1977 - 1981) and were probably lost immediately after filming. In photos of the model during the Wolverhamption exhibition in 1993, black tape has been added round both wings to hold them in place (the port wing is broken), and more black tape is added on the top of the nose and underside to disguise damaged panels.

The undercarriage displays clear broken sections, which probably occurred during filming the crash scene.

The cockpit has cracks along the sides, which again may be damage from the crash sequence. Each side of the cockpit is held in place by clear tape. There is one astronaut inside (a head and shoulders helmeted figure).

The model is decorated with decals from aircraft kits: "Danger - Explosive Release" red triangle (from a Harrier kit), "Asbestos - Phenolic Material", "Nitrogen" (on the front, wings, on top behind the canopy - with a "Water" decal -, and on the rear), "Canopy Release - Press Here" (on the nose), "Danger -Power Control And Jet Blast", "Trestle here" parallel lines (on the nose, behind the canopy and on the top rear), "Servicing Ground Supply - 200 volts - 400 cycles", "Fire access". Some detailing was added after filming, including the large but unreadable numbers/letters on the side.

Cockpit area







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