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Space City

Between 1977 and 1981, almost all the models, props, costumes and drawings left from Space 1999 were displayed in an exhibition called Space City, in Blackpool, UK. These photos were taken by Peter Rush, who says These pictures were taken with a Zenith 'E' 35mm SLR camera with a hot-shoe flash, by a slightly short-sighted 14 year old - hence the varying quality (no autofocus in those days!).

Tank and Last Enemy battlecruiser

The Deltan battlecruiser from The Last Enemy with a tank from The Infernal Machine. The battlecruiser was built by Martin Bower many years before Space: 1999. He altered it for its first appearance in Alpha Child; it was also seen in War Games.

Infernal Machine tank

Another of the three tanks, built by Martin Bower for The Infernal Machine.

Tank and Dorcon probe

The third tank, alongside the probeship from The Dorcons.


This is the third 44 inch Eagle model, with the booster pod seen in The Metamorph, All That Glisters and Immunity Syndrome.


The Swift from Brian The Brain. The model was designed by Ron Burton for Into Infinity, the series pilot made between the two series of Space: 1999. It was built by Martin Bower.


The Superswift from The Bringers Of Wonder. Beyond is a large blow-up photograph of Moonbase Alpha.

Bringers Of Wonder pilot ship

The pilot ship from The Bringers Of Wonder.


The Hawk from War Games.

Immunity Syndrome glider

The Re-entry Glider from Immunity Syndrome.

Dorcon barge

The Dorcon ship from The Dorcons, with the Croton ship from Dorzak seen beyond.

Taybor's Emporium

The SS Emporium, from The Taybor

Taybor's gun

Taybor's gun, from The Taybor

Sidon and Pyschon ships

The Sidon ship from Voyager's Return. Only one model was made, although three appear on screen: the model was simply photographed three times. Alongside is the Psychon ship from The Metamorph.

Space Warp derelict

Detail of the Betanon scout cruiser "Menon" from Space Warp. The model originally appeared in The Mark of Archanon, and was revamped between the episodes.

Space Warp derelict)

Another detail of the Space Warp ship.

Darian building

Detail of a building from the SS Daria, from Mission Of The Darians. The same building also appeared on the space station Delta in Into Infinity and in some shots of Moonbase Alpha.

Alien cities

Various space buildings built by Martin Bower. At the centre is the Golos tower from The Exiles, and below is Texas City from Journey To Where. On the right is an Ellna tower from Devil's Planet.


The nuclear waste depot building from Breakaway, with Martin Bower's prototype of Starcruiser, a series proposal that Gerry Anderson was developing after Space: 1999. The Eagle is an Airfix model, not used in the series!

Altares ship

The Altares from Into Infinity, a pilot show made between the two series of Space: 1999. Martin Bower designed and built the model thinking it was for Space: 1999. Note that the antenna on top is a small Moonbase Alpha gravity tower.

UN shuttle

The U.N. shuttle from Into Infinity. The tail configuration is an obvious tribute to Gerry Anderson's series Thunderbirds.

Alien Attack commercial

Moonbase models by Martin Bower, for the Alien Attack commercial made by Gerry Anderson. The commercial was shown in UK cinemas in 1977, preceding a new science fiction film called Star Wars. More info.

Images copyright Peter Rush; Model designs copyright Martin Bower