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Space City

Between 1977 and 1981, almost all the models, props, costumes and drawings left from Space 1999 were displayed in an exhibition called Space City, in Blackpool, UK. These photos are thanks to David Hirsch; some photos by G King.

Delta (photo: G King) Delta (photo: G King) Delta (photo: G King) Delta (photo: G King)

The Delta space station from Into Infinity was revamped from the SS Daria, from Mission Of The Darians.

The Delta space station with other models. Top right is the third 44 inch Eagle. Bottom right are the Swift from Brian The Brain and the SS Emporium, from The Taybor.

The Altares from Into Infinity, designed and built by Martin Bower

The Moon, the original model used in the series. Left is a 44 inch Eagle, right is the "Menon" from Space Warp.

The smaller model of the Psychon ship from The Metamorph, and the Sidon ship from Voyager's Return

Left rear, the Dorcon ship from The Dorcons, left front the Re-entry Glider from Immunity Syndrome, right the Croton ship from Dorzak

The Croton ship from Dorzak with the Superswift from The Bringers Of Wonder.

Texas City buildings from Journey To Where.

The left mannequin is made up as Zantor from Earthbound, but the costume is Zoran from Immunity Syndrome. The right mannequin is an Entran huntress from Devil's Planet. In the foreground is the Space Warp detector prop, and an astronaut's EVA backpack.

Koenig's desk and the Command Center computer.

An astronaut and two Maya transformations (the space cyclops from The Bringers Of Wonder part 2, and the lizard man from The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 and The Dorcons), in front of Moonbase wall panels. Photo by G King.

Lady Penelope in FAB 1, from Gerry Anderson's Thunderbirds series.

Face masks: Alien Transport from The Rules Of Luton and the mutant from New Adam New Eve, and the face of Maya's gorilla transformation that rescues Petrov from the roof collapse in The Exiles

The two Command Center desks: Maya's, and Koenig's (with Space Warp detector, microscope and Taybor's jump drive blueprint).

In 1980, this revolving alcove showed mannequins demonstrating how Maya (in Metamorph costume) "transforms" into the lizard man from The Bringers Of Wonder part 1 and The Dorcons.

Thanks to David Hirsch for photos.