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Space City

Look-In photo spread from 1977

The exhibition was promoted in the weekly children's comic "Look-In" where Gerry Anderson ran a question-and-answer column. Look-In artwork was on display at the exhibition, along with entries to a Look-In "Space City Design competition", where children designed space cities. The winner (judged by Gerry Anderson and Keith Wilson, with Look-In editor Colin Shelbourn) was 13 year old Mark Craig of Holyhead. He won a visit to the exhibition conducted by Gerry Anderson in person.

Mark Craig wrote to this site, remembering the visit in 1977: "Look-In paid for me and my dad to travel by train from Holyhead to Blackpool, where Gerry himself met us on the station concourse. We were taken by limo to the Winter Gardens where we then had lunch in the private boardroom. It turned out that my father (then in his 29th year of the RAF) and Gerry had both started doing their National Service in the RAF, so they had LOTS to talk about that!! As my dad's expertise in the RAF was air-crash investigation - and he knew a lot about aircraft engineering - he and Gerry spent much of the time debating how, in the real world, the Thunderbirds aircraft would have actually been able to fly (or not!)."

Look-In competition winner meets Gerry Anderson

"After lunch with Gerry, the president of the Blackpool Tower Company gave us a guided tour of the Winter Gardens, and then the tower itself. We arrived in the limo outside the exhibition where the Look-In photographer turned up and took several shots of me with Gerry outside the entrance, and then inside the exhibition where my dad and I were taken around and shown everything by Gerry. We were allowed inside the rope barriers, so I got to touch everything and even sat in the Moon Buggy. My dad had his own camera with him, and after Gerry left us to go off somewhere else, we were allowed to continue going around everything where my dad took loads of photos. Unfortunately, when we got home, we found that the camera was faulty and the film had over-exposed..... so we got NONE of the photos he had taken. All I had to remember was the set of printed photos which Look-In sent me (and I still have), and some cards which Gerry autographed for me. Look-In also gave me a Dinky Eagle Transporter, and the Tim Heald book "The Making of Space 1999" (I still have them both)."

The UK magazine Infinity issue 34 (April 2021) had an article "Meeting Gerry" by Mark Anthony Craig on pages 28-31, with some of the photos from the visit.

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