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Brian Johnson design

The original design by Brain Johnson.

Martin Bower design

Hawk from War Games initial design, based on Brian Johnson's original. The three rear rockets are changed into one large rocket and two smaller side pods. The weapons wings are made larger with the weapons pods smaller.

Martin Bower's original design:
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Original Hawk

The model as originally completed- without orange trim. Photo copyright Martin Bower.


The original model photographed at Bray.

The original Hawk photographed in Bray studios. One of the publicity photos created before the model was repainted.

Original Hawk

Another version of the same shot, thanks to Eric.

A side view of the original Hawk.

A front view of the original Hawk.

This mirror shot was an attempt to create three Hawks. It was used as a publicity shot.

Images thanks to Martin Bower, ITC, Eric
Page copyright Martin Willey