The Catacombs
The Essays

Read the Space: 1999 Companion by Martin Willey (Powys Books, 2003); the definitive guide to Space: 1999.

Critics A compendium of critics comments on the series
Fans Currently active fan clubs
Conventions Accounts of Space 1999 conventions
Operations Guide A detailed fictional guide to Moonbase Alpha, fully consistent with series continuity.
Models Guide A detailed guide to the SFX models.
Time A short examination of the theme of time throughout the series
Science Or Fiction: The Science In Space 1999 A detailed examination of the science shown in episodes of the series
The Lost Episodes: Synopses & Review of Unfilmed Episodes
Zero G by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson The first version of the pilot episode.
The Black Sun by David Weir The early version of Black Sun
And finally
The Awards A light hearted list of my favourites.
Top Tens A brief list of my favourite episodes

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