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The backlot area of Pinewood is an area of woodlands, gardens, fields and open ground used for exterior filming. This is the field where the Planet Sunim temple set was built for A Matter Of Balance. And also the location in The Full Circle where the first exploration party walks out of the Eagle onto the planet.

The map shows the paddock area in relation to L and M stages, where the main sets and dressing rooms were located. There are actually two areas- the paddock itself, and an adjacent field called the Cherry Orchard, which is where the Sunim temple was built.

Map showing paddock area

Between the paddock area and the formal gardens of Heatherden Hall is an area of woods. An unpaved path winds up from the lodge house near the road to the paddock; this is called South Lodge Lane and is more of a woodland trail than the road shown on the map. Adjacent to it are rocky outcrops and banks around the pond.

Pond map

This is the pond at the top end, with overgrown rocks on one bank. It appears in The Full Circle (Koenig fires his laser into the opposite rocky bank) and in Journey To Where (after Koenig helps Alan overcome his attacker, they return to see Helena surrounded by the clan). In both episodes the same view is seen (the rocks are now almost hidden by foliage).

Google streetview has a view from the opposite bank.

Koenig and Helena discover the lake- and as it appears 30 years later.

The Full Circle

On the bank are dinosaur footprints.

The Full Circle

View across pond to the rocks, seen in both episodes.

The Full Circle Journey To Where

Left: the bank as it appears now. The rocks are hidden by vegetation. Right: view from the opposite bank towards where the characters stand in both episodes (the rocks are to the right).

More views

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Alan is attacked by a highlander in Journey To Where. The bank behind him is the bank leading up to the pond, and the forked tree which he backs against can still be seen.

Journey To Where

Koenig stands on the rocks to take a bearing, then he and Helena descend a slope to insert a marker. They are the top of the rocks he fired at in the previous scene. In Journey To Where after their escape from the prison they rest against these rocks.

The Full Circle The Full Circle Journey To Where A Matter Of Balance

The steps of the path can be seen on the right. Below the path is a little cave which leads to a small boat moored in the pond.

The South Lodge is close to the road on the southern end of Pinewood. A trail, South Lodge Lane, winds up through the woods to the Paddock area. This area was used in Bringers Of Wonder part 2

Lodge map

The South Lodge is where Alan, Ehrlich and the girls load up their buggy, before driving up South Lodge Lane.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 The Bringers Of Wonder part 2
Bringers Of Wonder

This behind-the-scenes shot clearly shows the South Lodge. The gate to the road is just beyond the left edge of this picture. The gate has not been in use for studio traffic for many years.

The area is more overgrown now- it would be difficult to drive through. The confrontation with the masked attacker takes place where the trail meets a footpath from Heatherden Hall, at the foot of the pond. They repeatedly drive round a tree in the centre, before kicking away the attacker.

There were brief shots of Alan paddling Jeanie in a canoe, in the pond a few metres away. Some publicity shots were also taken of Jeanie posing by the water. Google street view

The Bringers Of Wonder The Bringers Of Wonder

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