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Space 1999 Propelled Into A 2nd Year!

Variety advert

This is a 2 page advert (p40-41) in the industry journal Variety, published 28 January 1976. A 3 page version appeared in the 2 February 1976 edition of Broadcasting magazine. It was illustrated with press cuttings and the large logo subtitled "Escape into a world beyond belief".

Propelled Into A 2nd Year!

Deciding on a 2nd season for Space:1999
was the easiest decision we've ever made.

Sci-fi is hot, and audiences for both sci-fi and Space:1999 are growing bigger every day.

Hollywood knows it - The major motion picture studios are currently producing 16 major sci-fi films at a cost in excess of $100,000,000

Audiences know it - Space: 1999 proves it with winning ratings, not only in significant U.S. markets, but throughout the world.

Fans know it - To date we've received 256,607 fan letters. Space: 1999 fan clubs are springing up all over the world.

Merchandisers know it - We have so far licensed no less than 171 different items for merchandising.

The press knows it - Space: 1999 has captured more space in every conceivable media than any other series in television history.

The demographics prove it - Of all prime time access shows, Space: 1999 is #1 among men and women 18-49 per 100 households delivered.

Space: 1999 is the sci-fi series of the 1970's, the only new sci-fi series being telecast.
Our decision was easy.

Within 24 hours renewals poured in from stations representing 42.7% of total U.S.TV homes,
plus 68 countries around the world including Canada's CBC Network.
And look at all
that's new!
NEW! Producer-Story Editor Fred Freiberger - one of the world's most gifted sci-fi producer-writers, formerly of Star Trek.
NEW! New incredible sci-fi characters of the most exciting, enchanting and fabulous dimension!
NEW! 24 brand new hours of extraordinary, fast-paced space fantasies - rich in suspense, humor, action, imagination and running the full gamut of human emotion.
NEW! Second year budget increased to $300,000 per episode for a record of $7,200,000. The most expensive series in the history of television.
NEW! And even greater multi-media advertising, promotion, publicity campaign committed to the second season.

Space: 1999 copyright ITV Studios Global Entertainment