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Space 1999 - SERIES TWO

Year 2 publicity Year 2 publicity Year 2 publicity

This is the brochure for US station managers from 1976, with comments from those stations that had already renewed. This was a four page leaflet, probably a supplement in the US trade journal Variety (similar adverts appeared for Year 1, see links). The cover featured a montage of black and white photos with the series logo and the "Bigger, Better, More Exciting Than Ever!" strapline. Inside was made up of five columns of comments from US station managers, with more on the back cover. They are of course very positive, but the negativity about the first series is obvious: not just implicit comments that the first series was slow compared to the new series, but explicit statements about the characters being "robotic" and in one headlined remark "weaknesses in scripting and characterizations".

"Bravo on making Space: 1999 much, much better!"

Year 2 publicity

"Barbara Bain is terrific in new interpretation! Space: 1999 Year Two is one of the finest productions I've ever seen. Barbara Bain is terrific in her new interpretation of Helena. I think the show now moves twice as fast. Every scene is packed with action."
Lionel Schaen, VP and General Mgr, KHJ-TV Los Angeles

"Much better than first season! The new characters work well. Much better than the first season. A lot of care and a lot of dollars have been put into the second season. Space: 1999 will be with us for a long time."
Gordon Bussey, Sales Mgr. KVAL-TV Eugene Ore

"Catherine Schell new 'Wonder Woman' of sci-fi! There is much more action and better pacing in Year Two. Catherine Schell and Tony Anholt are tremendous assets. You have a new "wonder woman" of sci-fi in Catherine Schell."
Jack Jacobson, VP Mgr Programming, WGH-TV Chicago

"Greater sci-fi stories! New characters and greater sci-fi stories highlight Year Two. It has all the ingredients of a big winner."
Bill Franks, Program Dir, WVTV Milwaukee

"Weaknesses in scripting and characterizations have been completely corrected! The improvements you promised for Year Two have been delivered. It is a much, much better program. The weaknesses in scripting and characterizations have been completely corrected. We were very successful with Year One. Based on the improvements, the second year should be more successful."
Irwin Stam, Program Mgr WMAL-TV Washington, DC

"Super! Extremely improved! The first season performed well in Providence, and was very strong among viewers 18-49. Now it's extremely improved. It's super!"
Gary Drevioul Program Dir WJAR-TV Providence, RI

"New characters, very exciting! Superb production values, fast-paced storylines and strong new characters, will make a very exciting and successful second year."
Tom Rose, Program Dir, WTHR Indianapolis

"Will appeal to broader audiences! Actors show much more emotion. It will definitely appeal to much broader audiences."
Don Hoss, Program Mgr WDSU-TV New Orleans

"Catherine Schell a big plus! You have enhanced the production qualities and made it more action oriented. Catherine Schell is a big plus."
Jim Edwards, Program Dir WJAC-TV Johnstown Pa

"Much greater than the first year! Our faith in the series has been justified by second year production. Space: 1999 Year 2 is much greater than the first year."
Mark Booraem Program Dir, WPIX New York

"Year 2 an audience grabber! New elements added to a stunning production make Space: 1999 Year 2 an audience grabber. I am sure it will be a huge success."
Jack Pedrik, VP & General Mgr, KDNL-TV St Louis

"I loved it! Martin Landau projects a stronger characterization. The love relationship now clearly developed between him and Barbara Bain will make viewers really care. I loved it so much I'm moving it from fringe time to prime access."
William Schuyer, Pres & Gen Mgr, KMST-TV, Salinas, Monterey

"Meaningful improvements by new producer Fred Freiberger! You now have all elements needed for a successful sci-fi series. Meaningful improvements innovated by the new producer Fred Freiberger are evident."
Al Holtz, General Mgr, WPGH-TV Pittsburgh

"Contains much more action! It did very well for us the first year. Space: 1999 Year 2 has even more production values and contains much more action."
Jack Morris, General Mgr, WUAB-TV Cleveland.

"Catherine Schell is a big plus. Characters are more human! You have succeeded in getting away from the robot-like quality of the characters and made them more human. Greater action. Better pacing. Addition of Catherine Schell is a big plus."
Tom Shelbourne, President, WNEP-TV, Wilkes-Barre

"A winning entry for 1976-77! The series contains new elements that will make it a winning entry for the 1976-77 season."
Tom Bolger, Exec VP & Gen Mgr, WMTV Madison Wisc

"Pacing much improved! In Space: 1999 Year 2 the action is much better. The pacing is much improved. Catherine Schell is definitely a big asset."
John Ruby, General Mgr, KVOA-TV Tucson

"The changes in Year Two are just right! New cast, new music, outrageous aliens and better stories, make Space: 1999 Year Two come off as the best sci-fi series ever! The changes in Year Two are just right."
Art Dortner, President, WDHO-TV Toledo.

"A much better show all around! It's much improved. There is more empathy with the characters. You have removed the robot-like qualities of Year One. It is a much better show all around!"
Jack Callaghan, Station Mgr, WSOC-TV Charlotte NC

"Fred Freiberger delivers a winner! The new producer, Fred Freiberger, the casting changes, and the humanization of the characters, delivers a winner."
Jack Schaefler, Program Dir, KGTV, San Diego

"Second Year is very much better! Space: 1999 worked very well in our market, especially in the important 18-49 demographics. The second year is very much better as a result of all the dramatic changes made."
Jack Decker, Pres & Gen Mgr WHEC-TV Rochester NY

"Catherine Schell fantastic! I'm very impressed with the improved action and youthful look of Year Two. The characters are far more vibrant and alive. The new music hits the right pace. Catherine Schell adds a fantastic new dimension."
Charles (Chuck) Alvery, Program Mgr, WUHO-TV Battle Creek

"Scripting much stronger. Characters more human! Very impressed with Catherine Schell. The scripting is much stronger. The characters are more human."
Tay Voye Program Dir, WTVJ Miami

"Exciting. Catherine Schell is 'The Wonder Woman' of sci-fi! Exciting...may be the best special effects ever seen. Certain to be a hit! Catherine Schell is "The Wonder Woman" of sci-fi."
Gene McCordy, Pres & Gen Mgr, WPHL-TV Philadelphia

Seeing is believing! Screen Year 2 Now!

Year 2 publicity

"The changes in Space: 1999 Year 2 are unbelievably great! It's a different, much improved show!"
Pep Cooney, General Manager, KRON-TV San Francisco

"Once I saw it, I renewed. You have performed miracles! It's breathtaking. Everyone will love it!"
Clark Davis, Vice President, WTVQ-TV Lexington KY

"You have fulfilled all of your promises to deliver a more exciting product. Without qualification, it is an immense improvement. All the elements lacking in Year One have been remedied!"
Chuck Gringold, Dir.of Programming, WKATU, Portland, Ore.

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