The Catacombs Dialogue
Alibe Dialogue


Alibe Parsons

Total dialogue: 31 lines.

Devil's Planet (14)

  1. We'll track you, Eagle One, over and out.
  2. Alpha to Eagle One. Come in Eagle One.
  3. Bill. I could do better if I was with you.
  4. We're approaching the quadrant.
  5. of the Commander's last message.
  6. E T A precisely three hours.
  7. Sensors pinpoint site of wreckage at left
  8. zero eight three degrees.
  9. We're being scanned.
  10. One minute.
  11. Alibe, Communications Officer, Moonbase Alpha.
  12. Under the circumstances, refreshments are not our top priority.
  13. Code numbered Eagle One!
  14. Let's find out.

The Immunity Syndrome (5)

  1. Maybe. But orders are to touch nothing. At least until the quarantine period has elapsed.
  2. He's dead. Poisoned. It must have been the fruit.
  3. I don't understand. The food and water checked out safe.
  4. Alan?
  5. Hey! Look!

The Dorcons (12)

  1. Yes sir.
  2. Moonbase Alpha to satellite. Come in. Calling satellite. This is Moonbase Alpha. Come in, do you read me? Come in, please. Moonbase Alpha..
  3. Moonbase Alpha to satellite.
  4. Do you read me?
  5. I'm trying, Commander.
  6. Moonbase Alpha to satellite. Do you read me? Come in please.
  7. Come in, please. Moonbase Alpha calling.
  8. Still no response to our signal, Commander.
  9. I think I'm getting through, Commander.
  10. Commander. I'm getting a signal.
  11. Laser batteries knocked out.
  12. Yes, sir.

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