The Catacombs Dialogue
Dr Ed Spencer Dialogue

Dr Ed Spencer

Sam Dastor

Total dialogue: 45 lines.

Dorzak (14)

  1. Not a thing.
  2. I've never seen anything like it.
  3. Not good.I'm waiting for the lab report.
  4. Doctor Russell.
  5. We're ready to operate.
  6. At least we've been successful in stopping the internal haemorrhage.
  7. Yes. What do you may of this?
  8. It just could be a deliberate implant of some kind.
  9. Helena, I have the reports you asked for.
  10. Tony?
  11. Helena was just in here.
  12. She picked up some surgical instruments and walked out without saying a word. I had some reports she was anxious to see and she didn't care. Her actions were..well..very unusual.
  13. She just took the surgical instruments out of that drawer, walked out without a word. She's just never acted that way before. Is something bothering her?
  14. Nice job removing it, Doctor.

Devil's Planet (10)

  1. Any theories, Blake?
  2. Can you give me a close up of one of the victims?
  3. Closer.
  4. Whatever it was, it hit the central nervous system. It must have caused tremendous pressure to explode those blood vessels. A form of nerve gas.
  5. A lethal pathogen that invaded their bodies. Or bacteria released in the atmosphere.
  6. No! Don't touch him!
  7. , don't go near him!
  8. He could be contagious.
  9. Get out. Get off that planet!
  10. If it was a nerve killing pathogen our systems must have a built in immunity to it.

The Immunity Syndrome (21)

  1. Laser wound.
  2. Fight?I'd say it adds up to a stupid accident. They fell out..the weapon was pulled.
  3. He'd just killed a man.
  4. The state he was in he couldn't know where he's headed.
  5. He's lapsing into deep coma.
  6. I've given him a shot to stop him sinking any further, but, ah, without proper medical facilities there could be brain damage.
  7. Where are you going?
  8. Okay, but you need checking too, so hurry back.
  9. Alibe. The Medical kit.
  10. He's alive.
  11. Easy, Commander. No-one's going anywhere. We'
  12. He's got a few bruises on him. Probably the result of his scramble with Lustig. Nothing that could have affected him.
  13. I examined Lustig. It was the laser beam that killed him. But I've found evidence of brain cell expansion. The kind of pressure that can first drive a man mad..then kill him.
  14. I don't know.
  15. I have a hunch that that's what I'd find upon further examination.
  16. I don't know. I wish we had him on Alpha.
  17. Yes, Commander.
  18. He might not get through the night.
  19. Commander. Tony's come round.
  20. Massive shock.
  21. It's following the pattern. First the madness. Then the clear, lucid head. Shortly followed by death.

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