The Catacombs Year 2 Schell Promotional Films

This is the Catherine Schell promo (there were also Landau/Bain promos). This one is from WUAB-TV43, Cleveland, a leading independent station with some nationally recognized talent, including voice-over artist Jack Reynolds. Source: YouTube.

An original ITC version is on the Network Year 2 Blu-ray, but with a cut as it zooms into Schell (probably cutting out her name).

Hi, [...] I play Maya, with incredible powers of molecular transformation in the new Space: 1999. Watch this.

The start of the trailer is missing. It is at least 25 seconds long. During the Schell introduction (8 seconds+) and ending (10 seconds), the series logo is superimposed over.

Camera zooms into Schell, sitting in the Command Center set. "... an alien with incredible powers of molecular transformation in the new Space: 1999 - watch this."

12 seconds of clips from Metamorph. We hear Mentor: "I didn't want to hurt anyone! Maya-" Over is superimposed (in the style of the series logo) "Saturday 7:00 PM"

Schell; beyond is Koenig's chair. "Space 1999. Bigger, better, more exciting than ever. Saturday evenings at 7, here at UA 43."

The ITC version:

Don't miss the spectacular all-new Space: 1999. Coming to you soon. The future is fantastic. And we hope, unforgettable.

Anholt/Tate trailer

TA: Hello, I'm Tony Anholt.

NT: And I'm Nick Tate.

TA: We appear every week in the all-new fantastic Space: 1999

NT: It's exciting science fiction. Watch this. (he points at camera)

After the Metamorph clip, Anholt speaks:

TA: Don't miss the spectacular all-new Space: 1999

NT: Coming to you soon.

TA: The future is fantastic, and we hope, unforgettable.

Metamorph "Special Preview" trailer

This is a special trailer for the August 1976 preview episode, as shown on 8:00 PM, Thursday 19th August 1976 on WUAB-TV43. The narration is by Jack Reynolds. The footage is from the August 1976 cut of the The Metamorph and one shot is from the scene that was re-edited in the September broadcasts of the episode. Again, the start is missing. It lasts at least 56 seconds.

Reynolds VO: "... Martin Landau and Barbara Bain returns to channel 43 for a second season. See a special preview of the ultimate adventure, Thursday night August 19th at 8 o'clock."

Koenig: "Why did you attack our ship? We came in peace." Mentor: "You send an armed ship to our planet and talk of peace?"

Reynolds VO: "Space 1999 also features Catherine Schell as Maya.". Note this is the original edit of this scene.

Maya; "Why are you so unfriendly?" Koenig: "I've been lied to. Assaulted. Seen my people brutalised, killed. Shall I go on?" Maya: "Obviously Commander, you have not fully recovered." Koenig: "Mentor betrayed us."

Mentor: "I warn you, Koenig. Any force you use will be turned against you." Picard: "I think I can neutralise it." Koenig: "Lew, wait!" Helena screams.

Reynolds VO: "Space 1999. Don't miss a special fall preview, Thursday night, August 19th at 8 o'clock, right here on UA 43,"

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