The Catacombs Year 1 Promotional Films

While the series promotional film for San Francisco's KRON-TV, on Friday 5 September 1975, features Landau and Bain in 1970s suits with a photo backdrop, other promos were recorded with the stars in uniform, with the series titles (for "War Games") playing behind them. Each was 30 seconds long.

Each film opens with the series title logo, followed by the Eagle falling and exploding on the lunar surface. Now 6 seconds in, we start the War Games titles, with Bain and Landau disappearing but continuing to talk over the quick shots until 18 seconds. They reappear in a closer shot, in front of a static shot of the War Games planet with forcefield rings, and finish the dialogue.

The dialogue varies, but follows a general formula, with Landau and Bain taking turns to introduce themselves, asking viewers to "join us" while naming the channel, and ending on the catch phrase "Space 1999. It's going to be a very good year". On their final lines, Landau and Bain turn to look at each other, then back at the camera.

New York Promo

This is a 30 second promo made for Channel 11 WPIX New York, audio-recorded by John Maimone.

BB: I'm Barbara Bain
ML: I'm Martin Landau.
BB: Join us here on Channel 11 for the most exciting new television series
ML: Space 1999. The excitement never stops. The Moon is hurled into outer space.
BB: Taking us, and you, into unlimited adventure.
ML: Come with us and our co-star, Barry Morse.
BB: Space 1999. It's going to be a very good year.
ML: Right here on Channel 11.
Announcer: Space 1999 premieres this fall, here on Channel 11.

Chicago promo

This is another version for WGNTV channel 9 in Chicago.

ML: I'm Martin Landau.
BB: I'm Barbara Bain
ML: Join us for Space 1999 right here on WGN television 9.
BB: Everything you could imagine about the future, and what exists beyond the boundaries of outer space, are vividly confronted in Space 1999, the unlimited adventure series.
ML: Be sure to watch every week. Space 1999, here on WGN television 9.
BB: Space 1999. It's going to be a very good year.

Gag promo

This is a "gag" version of the promo. It was shown at early Space: 1999 conventions (the 1982 convention book includes the dialogue). In April 2020 a copy appeared on YouTube.

ML: I'm Sonny Tufts.
BB: I'm Gloria Jean.
ML: Join us here on WCBMUZZHYO-TV right here in Scarsdale.
BB: Ha ha, for the most exciting new show since Whiplash, Space: 1999.
ML: A firecracker explodes sending the Moon into a complete tizzy,
BB: And making all of us totally wacko.
ML: Come with us and our co-star S.Z.Sakall.
BB: Space: 1999, it's going to be a very, very good year!
ML: Well, fair.
BB: Not too bad.
ML: Comme ci, comme ça.
BB: Well, good enough ... for Abe Mandell.
ML: ... For Abe Mandell.

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