The Catacombs Year 1 Promotional Films

Each Year 1 episode had a short trailer sequence for US stations. For most episodes, this was a 30 second segment of the episode title sequence with Barry Gray's title music. Each started with the series logo, the Eagle falling, and then the "This Episode" sequence, complete with captions. The sequence is exactly the same as in the episode, except the This Episode caption is capitalized (in the actual episode it is usually lowercase).

The one exception is Breakaway, which was 1 minute long, including most of the full title sequence but minus the producer shots. The This Episode and September 13th 1999 captions are yellow on black, like the episode.

These short trailers were distributed to stations on 16mm film. 19 trailers exist. They have been released as extras on the Italian Pulp Video releases (2003-2004), and the US Shout Factory Blu-ray release (2019) (total 11:37).

The title cards before the trailer, which sometimes don't match the actual episode title.

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