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New, corrected, versions of many of the Technical Notebook floorplans were augmented by many more plans and elevations, covering every moonbase set seen in the series, plus dozens of original creations.



The original Technical Notebook featured only the commlock, stun gun and Year 2 laser cannon. Keith created accurate drawings of most of the familiar props including this laser rifle, moonbuggy, radiation counter (Breakaway) and limpet transmitter (Taybor).



The Technical Notebook featured just five prints of uniforms and the spacesuit. Keith created 24 prints with every costume variation, including jumpsuits, nurse's uniforms, pyjamas and off duty wear.


Surprisingly the Technical Notebook featured no spaceship drawings at all (although Geoffrey Mandel had already drawn the Eagle for Starlog magazine). Keith created comprehensive prints for familar craft such as the Ultra Probe, Swift, glider and Space Dock (named the "Centaur" in his prints). He also created other spacecraft not seen in the series such as the Falcon (an early version of the Eagle), and the Aphrodite, the Venus space station that Koenig refers to in The Exiles and The Lambda Factor.

Ultra Probe Centaur - Earth Spacestation Aphrodite

Keith's comprehensive Eagle prints went through several revisions as the prints were reissued. Keith included external variations such as the pod varitaions and the differing leg pods (each of the three 44inch Eagle models were slightly different). He also included cross sections with all the set variations during the series, including the elongated All That Glisters set. He even showed how a lift in the rear section could deploy a moonbuggy, and how the command module could land on retractable legs.

Eagle Eagle
Eagle Pod Eagle Pod

Space: 1999 copyright ITV Studios Global Entertainment
Art by Keith Young