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H.W. Springer

H W Springer was a penname of Hans Wolf Sommer, born 1939, died 1996. In 1967 he published a science fiction fanzine Robot, and in 1970 his first novel, Versicherung mit Schwierigkeiten, under the name HW Springer. He wrote many novels in the science fiction and horror genres for the publisher Bastei, under different pseudonyms. He was one of the many authors writing as Robert Lamont on the Professor Zamorroa series. He was one of several authors who wrote as Frank deLorca and Frederic Collins on the Gespenster-Krimi ghost thriller novels, and as Vernon Graves for books in the spin-off Damona King series. Sommer wrote as Gunther Herbst in the Arthurian fantasy series Ritter Roland. He wrote as Michael Roberts on books in the Terranauts series.

Title Author(s) First Publication
Das Andromeda-RatselH W Springer1978
Das Erbe Der RoboterH W Springer1978
Die Ewigen Von LunaH W Springer1978
Invasion Der EsperH W Springer1978

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