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Big Finish Audio Dramas

UK February 2021
CD: ISBN: 978-1-83868-286-6 €22.02
Digital download: ISBN: 978-1-83868-287-3 €16.99 special edition CD: €28.95

This is the second audio drama in the Big Finish Space: 1999 series, confusingly titled Volume 1. It is a 3-CD set of 180 minutes, so presumably each of the three stories is 60 minutes (slightly more than the television episodes). This should improve the rather slow pace of the first drama.

As before, there is a special edition, consisting of 500 copies, which adds a slipcase, booklet, and "special feature digital download", contents to be defined.

The stories are two originals, and one adapted from an episode. The adapted episode is Death's Other Dominion; the Uranus Probe becomes the Neptune Probe, presumably to avoid schoolboy jokes. The Siren Call may be a Meta episode; the name echoes the original Art Wallace script The Siren Planet, which became Matter of Life and Death.

  1. The Siren Call by Andrew Smith
  2. Death's Other Dominion by Roland Moore (adapted from the original teleplay by Anthony Terpiloff and Elizabeth Barrows)
  3. Goldilocks by Andrew Smith

The original cast are back (minus Timothy Bentinck as Simmons, who like the television version will presumably reappear for one episode later on).

New cast:

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