The Catacombs The Production Guide
Script To Screen: Space Brain
by Martin Willey

Script To Screen

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The uniforms were unpopular with the cast. Martin Landau was unhappy with the new uniform he was given for this episode, as this note on his script reveals.

Space Brain

I don't want to concern myself on the set with the wardrobe - it looks good if I am standing up straight and not moving about - but when and after I do - every wrinkle in the undershirt shows through.

(my stomach is pretty hard now) but even so, if I bend over now it accentuates my stomach and makes me look fatter than I am. It's not flattering - I don't want to spend any time making the wardrobe look good. I'd rather it made me look good - without concern. I've got enough to think about - if all my concentration goes to that everything else will go down the drain - it takes too much of my concern - and makes me uncomfortable.

So I'd rather wear the two old ones and keep after them, mending as we go - taking care of them, sewing them, until they fall off my back - for they are better and we use these two as back up costumes, reserve wardrobe! For I look better, overall, in the older ones!

Copyright Martin Willey. Thanks to Mike Prendergast