The Catacombs Production Guide
Storyboards Guardian Of Piri

These scenes in Guardian Of Piri appear before the titles, as Irving and Barker fly down to the planet.

Scene A1 Piri above Alpha base horizon

Scene 1 Piri closer

Two different shots, but only one appears in the episode.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 3 Eagle about to enter Pirian atmosphere

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 6. Eagle dives thru Pirian sky.

Earlier and later versions of the scene storyboarded. Not used in episode (which adds the scenes of the plateau).

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 8. Shot thru Eagle window overflying Pirian surface.

Shot 29th May. Not used in episode (we see a Big Screen view in scene 9, below)

Scene 9A. Panning R-L over Pirian surface.

Shot 29th May. Burn in on Big Screen. We see two different POV shots on the Big Screen.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 11. As 9A but closer.

Shot 29th May. Another burn in on Big Screen, but not used in episode.

Scene 13. Eagle swerves amongst pinnacles.

Shot 29th May.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 18. Eagle flying very close to pinnacles. Slight nose up attitude.

Scene 18A. Eagle R-L diag. High angle.

Scene 18B. Eagle low angle. Diag.

Shot 30th May. The original shot (18) was split into two (18A and 18B) in the later storyboard. Only the 18B shot seems to make it into the episode.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 20. Eagle manoeuvres to dodge pinnacles. Shot with craft POV needed.
High mid angle towards ball - violent avoidance.

Not used.

Scene 22. Eagle misses pinnacle by hairsbreadth. Stops few feet from ball.

Filmed 31st May. Not used. The Big Screen shows static, and we don't see what happens to the Eagle. Like the Alphans, we assume it crashed. Later shot scene 54 is marked "similar to 22".

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 24. Pinnacle with Eagle hanging motionless before it.
Note Eagle slightly nose down - tilted to starboard.

Filmed 30th May. Not used.

Guardian Of Piri