The Catacombs Production Guide
Storyboards Guardian Of Piri

After the titles, Alan is sent down to find Irving's Eagle.

Scene 26. Piri closer still The episode title shot

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 31. Carter's Eagle approaching slowly, no sign of crashed Eagle.

Filmed 30th May with 2 takes. Not used.

Scene 33. Carter's Eagle coming alongside suspended Eagle.

Filmed 3rd June. Shot with 2 scales of Eagle, 22 inch Eagle for Irving's, 11 inch Eagle for Carter.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 37. Carter's Eagle docks alongside Irving's Eagle.

Using a photo cut-out Eagle for Irving's.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 38. Air-lock connection is made between the two craft.

The drawing has a round tube, like in Earthbound. It suggests a very tight framing (because there was only one 44 inch Eagle at the time), but the shot is wider.

Guardian Of Piri