The Catacombs Production Guide
Storyboards Guardian Of Piri

Eagles leave Alpha and fly to Piri. Koenig then flies down to Piri.

Scene 98. Eagles rise up on pads.

The second appearance of the booster pod in the episode.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 101. Eagles take off all over the place.

The editor uses a number of different shots, including library shots, in this sequence.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 105. Hordes of Eagles up and over.

The editor repeats the shot, the second time flopped left for right.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 105A. Eagles heads towards Piri

Another shot the editor repeated twice in a row, once flopped left for right.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 107. As 44, more dramatic light. Only M/Mission lights on.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 115. Eagle heads t/wds Piri

Koenig flies alone to find Helena. Not used here, but used earlier when Koenig and Alan fly to meet the Pirian girl

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 117. Helena's P.O.V. of Koenig's Eagle approaching Piri

Two versions, filmed 31st May 1974. We see Helena and Victor, but this shot is not used in episode.

Guardian Of Piri

Scene 120. Approx six Eagles on surface. Koenig's Eagle flies above them.

Filmed 5th June 1974. Not used in episode.

Scene 122. Koenig's eagle descends towards the surface and land besides Eagle 24.

Filmed 4th June 1974.

Guardian Of Piri