The Catacombs The Production Guide
by Martin Willey

Behind The Scenes

Comments and image thanks to Paul Stankevitch

Filming Space 1999

This behind the scenes shot shows Charles Crichton and the crew filming a scene in the Moonbase corridors during the second series. The episode may be The Mark Of Archanon, which featured a large number of corridor scenes. Note the camera is at head height. If it was filming into an adjacent room, it would normally be lower down for long shots.
Click to see a large version of the shot.

Floor plan

This floor plan shows the layout of the moonbase set in year 2. For this shot, some of the wall panels have been removed (indicated by red bars). The photograph was taken from the position of the yellow arrow. The camera, pointing to the corridor, is indicated by the black box.
The photographer is in the travel tube reception. You can see one of the wall mounted telephones right; the panel with the other has been removed,

Some details from the picture:

Charles Crichton

Here is Charles Crichton. Behind him is the orange lighting gel for a corner panel.

Eagle pilot seat

The Eagle cockpit just in view on the right with someone relaxing in it (you can see shoes on crossed legs)


Behind each lighted wall panel is a vertical post containing three large light bulbs. They stand around 4 feet behind the panel to help diffuse the light. The ones for the orange corner unit (by Charles Crichton) are illuminated.

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