The Catacombs The Production Guide
by Martin Willey

Behind The Scenes

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These are the covers of shooting scripts, doodled on by Martin Landau.
See Script To Screen feature for more production documents.

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Make-up artists Helene Bevan (left) and Maude Onslow (right) prepare Barbara Bain and Martin Landau for a scene in Main Mission

photo thanks to Mark Shaw - Click for larger image Matter Of Life And Death

Preparing for a shot in Matter Of Life And Death. Barbara Bain's stand-in, Suzanne Heimer, is sitting left as lighting cameraman Frank Watts holds the light meter in front of her, Martin Landau's stand-in John Clifford stands on the right. Right: the shot as filmed with Landau and Bain.

Matter Of Life And Death

The planet set for Matter Of Life And Death. Behind the camera, writer Johnny Byrne talks to lighting cameraman Frank Watts and Steve Lanning. In front of the cast with the clapperboard is 3rd assistant director Roy Button.

Eagle cabin

The Eagle pilot section set, during the initial episodes.

Black Sun

Filming video screen scenes in Black Sun. Paul Jones is in full costume, and sat in the Eagle seat with the back wall behind him. But this is not the Eagle set- the Alpha walls on the side show we are on the side of the main Moonbase sets. The image shown on the monitors will be shown on the TV monitors under the Main Mission Big Screen. These video feeds were filmed "live" on a corner of the studio stage, a few metres away from the Main Mission set.

War Games

Command Conference in War Games. White lines on the floor behind Alan, Paul and Victor's chairs mark their positions. Koenig and Alan's chairs have mats under them, to muffle the sound of chair legs and feet on the floor. Occasionally these brown mats can be seen in the show.

Copyright Martin Willey. Some photos thanks to Mark Shaw.