The Catacombs Catacombs International Guide

Titles: Year One

The series titles were prepared using the special "textless" titles supplied by ITC. The Italian title was Spazio 1999 (with no colon). The credits changed for last twelve episodes, with an additional caption for the Italian voice cast, Michele Kalamera, Laura Rizzoli and Giuseppe Fortis. Brian Johnson's credit in the first block of 12 was "speciali effetti musicali" (special musical effects), but in the second 12 it is "effetti speciali" (special effects).

Opening shots of Separazione (Breakaway)

Title sequence (see original). The "This Episode" captions were replaced in Separazione by the two still-frames (from elsewhere in the sequence, and notably more washed out than action shots). In other episodes of the first 12, these were sometimes clips from the end titles. For the last 12 episodes, the shot was the sunset from The Last Sunset

End titles for Separazione, including Brian Johnson as "speciali effetti musicali" (see original). Some English credits are missing, including Keith Wilson. One of the frames is un-captioned. The final caption is "Fine" ("End").

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