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Publicity Shots: Year 1 SFX

Spaceship battles: the Satazius from Last Enemy with the 22" Eagle model. Two of the shots have explosions. One of the explosions has sparks over the Eagle; it must be in the foreground and is possibly a still image, placed in front of the ships.

These photos were often published reversed left for right (see merchandise below). Here they are correct.

click for larger image Satazius The Satazius, 22 inch Eagle and lunar hills.
The Satazius and Eagle are in the same positions as the previous shot without the explosion. The colour version appeared as the poster for Poster Magazine no.2 and in the 1976 annual page 21 (reversed). But in the black and white shot (used as an ITC publicity photo, usually reversed), the Satazius is lower.
The Eagle is moved for this shot, used on the UK Orbit books Lunar Attack cover, Donruss card #29, and the 1977 Warner Calendar (reversed)
click for larger image Another shot shows the Satazius with a Hawk from War Games over the damaged Moonbase Alpha. Alpha is a photographic flat that has been painted over, seen in War Games. This shot appeared in 1976 annual page 17 and Barratt card #25
Alpha does not appear in this shot, with an explosion in front of Satazius. This appeared on the UK Orbit books Rogue Planet cover. It is possible the Hawk from this shot was used in the Earthfall cover.
Satazius detail

One of the four vertical rocket nozzles on the forward side pod of Satazius is missing.

The Last Enemy

The Satazius as it appeared in Last Enemy, with a green colour. On each of the side pods are four vertical rocket nozzles, here all present. The model has some small asymmetries, notably a couple of silver spheres on the underside of the port-side front section, which are not present on the starboard. A couple of (very brief) shots of the yellow Satazius survive in the episode, in both cases just before an explosion. After the series, the model survived in the green colour, suggesting it was filmed first in yellow, then with green.


UK Orbit books: Lunar Attack by John Rankine, Rogue Planet and Earthfall by E.C. Tubb Dobson books
Poster Magazine no.2 poster Poster
1977 Warner Calendar poster
Publicity photos SP-4 Publicity Photos click for larger image (104k)
Barratt card #25 and Donruss card #29
The 22 inch Eagle was extracted into the cover for ITC video volume 15 (1993) and used for their T-shirt