The Catacombs Dialogue
Dr Ben Vincent Dialogue

Dr Ben Vincent

Jeffery Kissoon

Total dialogue: 70 lines.

Journey To Where (7)

  1. With this recorder we can follow the readings all the way to Earth.
  2. Doctor Russell- heart and respiration normal. Temperature falling. Ninety eight point one. Ninety seven point one. Commander Koenig. Alan Carter.
  3. Similar temperature drops. Ninety six point three.
  4. We have a reading. Doctor Russell. Heart, respiration, temperature, normal. Commander Koenig, normal.
  5. That probably means...infection!
  6. What good will it do? How can they tell us where they are? And at what point in time?
  7. We're getting something on the indicators.

The Taybor (1)

  1. The silver ball and the mirror for this ship in the bottle. It took me three years to make.

Catacombs Of The Moon (25)

  1. Impossible to solve. Why won't you accept it?
  2. Too bad we don't have one.
  3. You mean new heart number ten, huh?
  4. Not without tiranium to coat the valves.
  5. Yeah. We've tried everything else. Do you want the bloodflow test first or shall we build up our hopes?
  6. Well, it helps keep the mind clear of personal emotions.
  7. Must we have him here?
  8. We should put him under restraint.
  9. Would you say he was slightly off balance, doctor?
  10. What now?
  11. Again?
  12. Yeah. It's like they used to say in old time hospital wards. The operation was a success but we lost the patient.
  13. Well, we've tried everything.
  14. What do we do now?
  15. Doctor. Why don't you take a break?
  16. Yeah.
  17. Come on, tiranium, hang on in there.
  18. Well. The job's half done.
  19. Not as many injured as I thought.
  20. Pulse rate irregular. Heart stopped.
  21. Pressure going down.
  22. Pressure gone.
  23. Her heart's started again.
  24. The heart beat's excellent. The pulse rate's poor. Her vital signs are weak.
  25. We thought she could live forever. But we just can't transplant faith.

Seed Of Destruction (4)

  1. We can't afford any more loss, Helena. We start running out of clean air, we're going to have a lot of sick people on our hands.
  2. Yeah. Okay.
  3. Helena. Support system three's cutting out.
  4. Life support system six is fading out.

Space Warp (15)

  1. What hit us?
  2. Helena. What happened? You alright?
  3. She's already doing it. Alan's orders kill on sight.
  4. Okay. But how much do we use? Too little, no effect. Too much, death.
  5. That anaesthetic dart really worked. It's metabolism can't cope with it.The pressure's in here, somewhere. We've nothing to compare. We've never seen anything like this before. We've insufficient knowledge of this species to know what that's all about. We can't treat it's injuries.
  6. Look. The creature's blood. If we treat it, it could upset the corpuscle balance. We don't know what the hell we're dealing with.
  7. If you operate, you could kill her.
  8. What if it's not a blockage? What if it's natural tissues performing a natural function?
  9. You can't operate. She won't make it.
  10. Right, I'm on my way.
  11. It must have an air store like a camel stores water.
  12. At least she's still breathing.
  13. You're not making contact.
  14. She hasn't come back as Maya the last couple of times - what happens if she transforms into something even worse?
  15. All life signs stable. The fever's gone.

The Bringers Of Wonder (17)

  1. He was lucky.
  2. It's like a brain massage, electronic.
  3. Did you make that physiotherapy major?
  4. Okay, well, I..listen, I've got a lot of stiff tendons round here, you know.
  5. This is a medical monitor. These are strategically placed so that from anywhere on Alpha we can keep a check on our patients.
  6. Hey, why don't we get out of this heavy traffic, huh? I know a nice cosy spot.
  7. Sandstrom was trying to kill Koenig.He's alright. The cycle's completed. If it had happened earlier..
  8. I'll tell you what happened.
  9. You tried to kill Koenig.
  10. What happened to the Commander on the Eagle? Do you suppose it could have anything to do with Sandstrom going berserk?
  11. Well, could it be infectious? Contagious?
  12. Totalled.
  13. You're lucky. Your skull took quite a banging.
  14. His blood pressure's up. His adrenalin level is very high.
  15. Kander's trapped inside.
  16. He's dead.
  17. Yes.

The Bringers Of Wonder part 2 (1)

  1. Hey, smile when you say that, man.

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