The Catacombs Dialogue
Yasko Dialogue


Yasuko Nagazumi

Total dialogue: 66 lines.

Journey To Where (7)

  1. This is Moonbase Alpha. Identify.
  2. They've broken contact.
  3. Standing by for construction details for the transference dome.
  4. How long? How long have they got?
  5. And there'll never be another chance?
  6. I'd rather stay on Alpha than end up somewhere -in space...
  7. Just some sort of code.

The Taybor (8)

  1. Commander! Medical emergency in the recreation centre.
  2. Tony!
  3. The silver ball for my bonsai tree.
  4. They've moved into hyperspace, Commander.
  5. There sir.
  6. Yes, sir.
  7. Frequency open, Commander.
  8. Commander. I am getting reports from all over Alpha. All the traded things are vanishing.

The Mark Of Archanon (10)

  1. There's another due in a couple of minutes.
  2. Eagle One. Come in, Eagle One.
  3. Not too well, Commander. Visual not holding steady.
  4. We've lost them.
  5. What kind of mother can do that to her son?
  6. That's the best I can do.
  7. No, sir.
  8. I'm picking up a signal.
  9. Alien.
  10. The Archanon ship has landed.

The Rules Of Luton (18)

  1. Moonbase Alpha to Commander Koenig. Go ahead.
  2. Anything we can do, Commander?
  3. We'll contact you every thirty minutes to make sure you're alright.
  4. Moonbase Alpha to Commander Koenig. Moonbase Alpha to Commander Koenig. Moonbase Alpha to Commander Koenig.
  5. Eagle One. You are cleared for touch down.
  6. Moonbase Alpha to Commander Koenig. Moonbase Alpha to Commander Koenig.
  7. It should be there.
  8. Not registering.
  9. Abort, Eagle Four, abort.
  10. Abort.
  11. Go ahead, Tony.
  12. Alpha to Eagle Four.
  13. Go ahead, Tony.
  14. Refuelling Eagle is carrying relief pilot.
  15. Moonbase Alpha to Commander Koenig. Moonbase Alpha
  16. to Commander Koenig.
  17. Moonbase Alpha to Commander Koenig.
  18. Eagle Four is ready to touch down if you will give your position.

New Adam, New Eve (14)

  1. Commander. There is something out there.
  2. I can't!
  3. Oh, oh.It''s's like thunder, here.
  4. I'm sorry, I can't do any better.
  5. Clear to lift off, Eagle Four.
  6. Commander Koenig, do you read me?
  7. Do you read me?
  8. Commander Koenig? Come in, Commander Koenig. Do you read me?
  9. This is Moonbase Alpha. Moonbase Alpha.
  10. Commander Koenig. Come in. Come in, Commander Koenig.
  11. Alan, are you sure?
  12. Clear to lift off, Eagle one.
  13. Okay, Alan.
  14. Why?

The A B Chrysalis (7)

  1. Too far away.
  2. Twenty four minutes to detonation.
  3. Three seconds. Two. One. Minus twenty minutes.
  4. Countdown at eight minutes.
  5. One minute two seconds. One. Countdown minus one.
  6. Forty seconds. Thirty nine. Thirty eight. Thirty seven.
  7. Five seconds.

Dorzak (2)

  1. It's changed course.
  2. Directly towards us.

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