The Catacombs Gerry Anderson's Rescue 4


Rescue 4 was a television series proposal by Gerry Anderson and Fred Freiberger that was developed in late 1975, before production of the second series of Space: 1999 and at the same time as the concept for Starcruiser. An alternative title was Inter-Galactic Rescue, which is seen on the special effects storyboards.

The series concept combined elements of Anderson's Supercar and Thunderbirds, with a rescue craft patrolling deep space, able to fly through space, atmosphere, hover across water or dive under the sea. It had a crew of four, plus two robots.

It was proposed as a live action series of 13 half-hour episodes, with an option for 4 more, to NBC (Starcruiser was pitched to rival network CBS). NBC was offered the show for airing in autumn 1976. Sales would normally be made at the NAPTE conference in San Francisco in February 1976, so preparation work is likely to have been end 1975 and early January 1976, immediately before work on Space: 1999 began. NBC passed on the concept, and the project was abandoned.

Spaceship designs

Martin Bower built a six-inch model (as he did for Starcruiser). The model was sent to the US, but was never returned.

Title sequence storyboard

Brian Johnson and Cyril Forster illustrated storyboards for the title sequence, demonstrating the different features of Rescue 4 (but here the series working title is Inter-Galactic Rescue).


Reg Hill designed the robots, Alpha and Zeta. They seem to be inspired by the Silent Running robots. Star Wars began filming in March 1976, with boxy power droids that are similar in design. Some elements are similar to the robot in Brain The Brain, filmed in May 1976, some time after these drawings.

Spaceship interiors

Keith Wilson designed the interiors, looking very like his 1973 pre-production drawings for Moonbase Alpha interiors.

Flight deck, with pilot and navigator

Equipment room, with a periscope control for energy beam and laser beam, and containers for rescue equipment

Living quarters, with a nutrient dispenser