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These listings come from the Granada edition of the TV Times, the Liverpool Echo, and the Daily Mail (thanks to Richard Farrell)

As with the London edition of TV Times, the detailed synopses and credits of Year One shrink by the time of Year Two. Breakaway (shown Friday, 26 September 1975) has a "Big Season" tag (the promotional name of the ITV Autumn 1975 schedule). Apparently, Koenig is commander of the mission to Meta, and in the atomic explosion, half of the moon disintegrates. Although scheduled for 7:35pm, the premiere was actually an hour early, at 6:35pm.

The Last Sunset is the Sunday 30 July 1978 screening. According to this synopses, the series follows the occupants of a "stranded spaceship".

Granada was the first ITV region to show The Dorcons, on Sunday, 30 October 1977, here titled "Return Of The Dorcons" (the original script title, discarded before filming).

Breakaway The Last Sunset Return Of The Dorcons

An unusual featured listing in TV Times, for Mission Of The Darians, Friday, 21 November 1975. (click for larger image)

Mission Of The Darians

A remarkable listing for The Metamorph from 1979 listing the character "Verdeschi (formerly Simon Hayes)". Simon was the character's names in early drafts, but this was discarded before filming. Note that Maya isn't listed!

The Metamorph

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