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Astronaut, Kara and Koenig with a receding hairline

TV Times was the TV guide for the UK ITV stations in the 1970s (at the time, the ITV stations protected their programme schedule with copyright, so TV Times had a monopoly). There was a different edition for each of the regional stations. Here we present listings from the London edition (plus some from Yorkshire and Tyne Tees). See also Granada TV Times and press and TV Times comment articles.

The show listings including detailed information, including writer, director and often a fairly full cast list. Episode synopses varied in quality, but many were quite good. There are exceptions:

Landau and Bain are often headlined above the episode title, and for a few listings, Tony Anholt's is bumped up above Bain and Schell, second only to Landau. The cute little illustrations of an astronaut, Kara and Koenig were also used in other editions of TV Times, and even appeared on a listing for Gerry Anderson's UFO. As the episodes are repeated, the synopses and credits are usually repeated, complete with mistakes.

Thanks to Ros Connors.


Listings are in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format.

See also Granada TV Times and press

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