The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Main Mission

War Games War Games

The balcony stairs appear in War Games as stairs to the underground areas of the base. The stairs appear in Year 2 in the Eagle launch area seen in Space Warp.

Guardian Of Piri

Frequently we see staff walking up and down the stairs to the balcony, but there are only a few chairs present. Perhaps it is a coffee break area.

Guardian Of Piri

The windows are large and angled.

Guardian Of Piri

The view down to Main Mission.

Another Time, Another Place

The balcony has a solid low wall instead of open railing in this shot (and it only extends to the vertical post right). The stuntman will fall over the wall, which conceals the padded landing surface. Thanks to Shane Johnson.

Year 1 alternative titles

In the opening titles, we see a crewman thrown across the balcony during the Breakaway. The original opening titles showed someone thrown off the balcony.

Collision Course

Some people jump voluntarily over the balcony, as here in Collision Course.

Black Sun

The windows on the opposite side to the computers are initially on a platform.


In Earthbound, the platform is gone.

Space Brain

After Earthbound the windows move forwards one panel.

End Of Eternity

End Of Eternity: the later layout (a lighted panel descends the steps before the windows).

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