The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Moonbase Guide
by Martin Willey

Main Mission

There are a number of different portable instruments usually seen on the desks. The Eagle remote control is featured in Breakaway and used extensively throughout the series.

Sandra's dial

Sandra usually has a display in front of her desk. It isn't present in Breakaway or Matter Of Life And Death; it first appears in Black Sun. It detects asteroid collisions (Black Sun) and internal heating changes (Force Of Life).

Black Sun Black Sun Force Of Life Ring Around The Moon

Keyboard 1

Paul's keyboard normally sits at the front of his desk. He often presses buttons to initiate calls or show things on the Big Screen.


At the start of Breakaway, unusually, it is on the side of his desk, not in front of Paul.


Paul uses it in conjunction with the Eagle remote control

Ring Around The Moon
The Last Sunset

The 3 rows are numbered (1,2,3) along the left side, with alphabetic labels along the top (A to L). The green illuminated lights on the right side have the label "CODES".

Earthbound Death's Other Dominion Death's Other Dominion

Keyboard 2

A second keyboard is usually at the end of the desks closest to the Big Screen and the computer wall. There are two different designs. Only one is featured, in Collision Course, but it is rarely used in other episodes.

Black Sun

Initial design: a light coloured keyboard is seen in early episodes.

Ring Around The Moon

It seems to be similar in design to Paul's keyboard.


A close up from a publicity shot: the keys on top are labelled "A, B, C, D" and "1, 3, 5, 7".

Collision Course

The design in Collision Course is a simple 10 x 3 keyboard of red keys with no lights or labels. Unlike the other keyboards, the front base forms a lip so it can sit on the edge of a flat desk.

Collision Course

In Collision Course Koenig uses the keyboard to locate Alan's navigation beacon.

Death's Other Dominion

The keyboard is also seen on Ultima Thule in Death's Other Dominion, and in Experimental in Voyager's Return.

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