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Costumes, Badges and Miscellany
Compiled by Martin Willey

COSTUMES (Collegeville)

US 1975-6. Number 2118. $3.98

Commander Koenig Year 2 version

Four different Halloween costumes. A plastic mask, and plastic suit with artwork. The two Koenig masks are astronaut helmets; Helena and Maya masks have the distinctive hairstyles.

Koenig mask Koenig Year 1 costume
Maya Maya costume Maya costume Maya costume

Box (22 x 28 x 8 cm) is a standard Halloween costume box with art of owl and cat below a display window. The Space 1999 logo was a piece of paper stuck at the top of the box. The character was identified on the label attached to the bottom of the box.

Koenig box 1 click for larger image click for larger image (36428 bytes) Maya Maya costume Maya costume

T SHIRTS (Duelt Manufactur A B)

UK 1975

Mentioned in "The Making Of Space 1999" (Tim Heald) p181; Omicorn fan club.



USA 1976 $5.49 - $5.99

"Perma-Prest" (i.e. non-iron) boy's pyjamas, with a screen print pullover top, and long pants. There were short and long sleeved versions. There are 3 designs, all art on white front with coloured sleeves. All art designs feature the series logo.

American catalogs, thanks to Gordon Moriguchi:

T SHIRT (Network Distribution)

U K 1993 £9.99 + £1.00 postage & packaging

Special offer available in the ITC Space 1999 videos, vols 15 and 16, from November 1993- 31st May 1994.

The black T-shirts were available in large & extra-large sizes.

Design featured logo (in white with red trim), with a blue planet and large yellow explosion in background, and in foreground retouched photos of an Eagle (from a Last Enemy publicity shot) and Koenig in spacesuit holding a torch (from Brian The Brain).


Australia 1975

T-shirt. Sizes 24, 28, 32 and 36.

Promotional offer available for the titles cut from the 50 different Space 1999 picture cards.



Package art shows astronaut holding laser blaster, with an Eagle beyond and Space 1999 logo at his feet.

Illustrated in The Gerry Anderson Memorabilia Guide (Dennis Nicholson) p224.


Koenig towel

U S 1976

Two designs, both with the Space: 1999 logo prominent:

Eagle towel

Image thanks to James Hume


UK 1975

Mentioned in "The Making Of Space 1999" (Tim Heald) p181.

LUNCH BOX (Thermos Division, King-Seeley Thermos Co)

US, Canada 1975

22 x 17 x 10 cm metal box with plastic handle and 8 x 16 cm 8 oz plastic thermos flask with cup. Decorated with colourful, accurate art and photos.

Lunch box lid: Photo of Koenig head & shoulders on right, on left is art of two astronauts in moonbuggy under logo and Eagle.
Reverse: on left photo of Helena head & shoulders, on right art of Koenig firing laser at green dragon ("Dragon's Domain"), holding Helena in its tentacles

A variation had Koenig's (and possibly Bain's) head embossed (stamped in relief) in the metal. Thanks to Glen Mullaly.

Director Tim Burton has this lunch box, signed by Martin Landau (when Landau was filming Ed Wood, 1994).

Side top: art of three Eagles; side astronaut in front of Moonbase; bottom Koenig & Victor talking by microscope in Main Mission scene; side Eagle over Kaldorian ship on lunar surface.

Thermos: graphic printed on one face of the flask. Art in orange & yellow of Eagle, logo, over Moonbase.

One of these lunch boxes is on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C., USA (presently on display in the Stars and Stripes Cafe). Images thanks to Gordon Moriguchi.

Smithsonian Smithsonian Smithsonian


US 1976. $1.00 mail order.

Three colour embroidered "Alpha Moonbase" insignia shoulder patch, 3 inches by 4 inches (7 x 10 cm). The lettering and space background is black, while the original patch was in two shades of blue. In the original series, the larger circle on the left is the Moon, and the smaller one on the right is the Earth (although this isn't obvious, even in close up); the MPC patch features a larger Earth on the left (with distinctive North and South American continents). The studio versions included orbits around the Earth and Moon, which weren't present on the SFX versions; the MPC patch also omits the orbits. There were two versions, one of which had "ATV" over the Moon (on the right), the other without the letters.

Offer given on instruction sheets of MPC model kits (Eagle, Hawk, Moonbase Alpha, The Alien)

BADGES (Rainbow Designs)

Commander badge, thanks to Pete Woodhead

UK 1975; 25p each

6 designs, 5.5 cm diameter metal pin badges. Logo in red, yellow or blue, with bw photo of Rescue Eagle over Moon, (three slightly different photo designs, with larger or smaller Eagles), and job title.

A badge in the same series, again with logo, Eagle and Moon, was produced for the Selfridges department store exhibition of Space:1999 toys in December 1975. It was subtitled "at Selfridges"


UK 1986, 50p

4 cm diameter, with Alpha insignia over logo, black background (one of a series of 8 Gerry Anderson badges)

The Gerry Anderson Memorabilia Guide (Dennis Nicholson) p297 mentions a set of 6 badges from Micky Starr, USA.

Also of note are promotional items from the Space City exhibition in Blackpool, England, 1977-1980. The "Space City" logo was in the same lettering as the Space: 1999 logo.

WOVEN BADGE (Sampson Import Ltd)

UK 28p

A felt backed woven badge (6cm x 7cm) featuring "Space City" logo in silver, "Blackpool", under a white rescue Eagle and large yellow Moon. Available with either blue or red felt backing.


UK 25p
A shield-shaped self adhesive sticker, featuring "Space City" logo, Eagle and Moon (as woven badge) and two astronauts (pose from Ring Around The Moon).

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