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by Martin Willey

Forcefield Towers

The Last Enemy

"Now, as you know, these eight anti gravity towers stabilise our gravity here inside Alpha. Now, we're going to use them to create an entirely new force field effect. By linking and cross linking the anti gravity screens in each of the towers, the force field will look something like this." (Victor Bergman in Black Sun)

After Black Sun the gravity towers are often seen, both as full size studio props and in model shots. Model details


The tower first appeared in Nuclear Disposal Area 1, with a different top section, in Breakaway. The area is said to have had an artificial gravity system; presumably this is it.

Black Sun

The towers are first introduced in Black Sun. Bergman shows their positions on this model.

Black Sun

A close up of a tower on Bergman's model

Black Sun

The actual tower

Black Sun

The tower was also built as a full-scale prop. The smaller models have four vertical pipes in the centre; some larger models have no central pipes; the full size prop has two square pipes in the centre.

Black Sun

Radiating the forcefield.


Later in the series the towers changed colour, from red to white.

Black Sun

The ends of the forcefield lines do not match Bergman's model, and do not cover the outlying areas of the base.

Black Sun

They also don't match precisely shot from shot.

Black Sun
Another Time, Another Place

There's a white gravity tower in Santa Maria, California, Earth, in Another Time, Another Place.

Alpha Child

A red full sized prop in Alpha Child

The Last Sunset

Full sized prop with background painted towers from The Last Sunset. This is one of the few times we see the top- which has a drum matching the model versions.

The Last Enemy The Last Enemy The Last Enemy The Last Enemy

In The Last Enemy, close-ups of the larger model.

Seed Of Destruction

Outside the window of Observation in Seed Of Destruction

The Bringers Of Wonder part 1

Bringers Of Wonder part 1: a white gravity tower between the base and a launch pad.

Year 2 titles

The tower models were reused as revolving antenna on the round building foreground right during the title sequence.

The Metamorph

The Metamorph: The gravity tower appears as another revolving antenna.

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