The Catacombs The Merchandise Guide
Compiled by Martin Willey

Pages from 1970s store catalogues showing Space: 1999 toys.

See the Ahi catalogue

Mattel 1977 Dealer Catalogue (thanks to Dale): Mattel Eagle ($11.90 each), Flying Eagle ($7.90 each), four figures including "Zython" ($2.90 each), playset ($6.90) and "Moon Base Alpha Team" (the playset and 3 figures, no price).

Mattel Dealer Catalog Mattel Dealer Catalog

Wards 1976 catalogue (thanks to Gordon Moriguchi): Mattel Eagle, LJN comlocks, Sonic Powered Megaphone and Vanity Fair Wrist Radio.

The Milton Bradley board game (1976 Sears Wishbook, thanks to Gordon Moriguchi).

The Whiting Mammoth Eagle. (1976 Sears Wishbook)

The Mattel Eagle. Note the three figures have painted faces and hair- and do not include Helena. (1976 Sears Wishbook)

JC Penny catalog for 1976 (Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi). The Mattel Eagle ("Challenge the Universe" for $13.66), Remco- Burbank Stun Gun ($6.77, with a charming drawing of a little girl firing the gun), LJN comlocks ($18.88), Vanity Fair Wrist Radio ($8.44), Illco Chest Pack Radio ($12.88), figures ($3.33 each) and playset (includes "simulated computer, chair and hassock", $8.99)

JC Penny 1976

JC Penny catalog for 1977 (Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi). The Mattel Eagle is a dollar more expensive ($14.66) and the Illco Chest Pack Radio is up 11 cents ($11.99).

A True Value page, thanks to Gordon. The Remco- Burbank Stun Gun ($6.99) and Koenig and Helena figures appear.

A Hasbro paint set page, thanks to Gordon.

Ahi vehicles, thanks to Gordon. The Alien, Eagle Transporter, Moon Car

Ahi guns (with the Star Trek equivalents), thanks to Gordon. Disc Shooting Stun Gun, Jet Discs and Official Stun Ray Gun.

Mattel figures, thanks to Gordon.

Mattel playset and "Moon Base Alpha Team", thanks to Gordon.

Mattel Eagle, and the unreleased "Alpha Crew" and "Characters", thanks to Gordon.

Detail of unreleased Alpha Crew and characters.

1976 catalogue showing the Remco- Burbank Stun Gun, thanks to Gordon

1976 catalogue showing the Remco Utility Belt, thanks to Gordon. Note the "radiation detector" looks like a commlock (upside down and stylized, but recognisable). In the released set it is actually the same as the Bat Walki-Talkie from the Batman Utility Set.

From the Remco catalogue, the Remco Utility Belt along with the other licensed utility belts, from Batman to Mickey Mouse.

Child World

1976 advert for "Child World Discount Toy Supermarket" showing the Mattel playset and the Mattel Eagle. Thanks to Gordon Moriguchi.

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