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Belts 2

This is an original year 2 security belt, displayed at the Alpha:2014 convention.

The year 2 belts have a decorative ribbed front, instead of the plain curved year 1 belts. The ribbed section is folded over and padded, with four vertical metal ribs.

Details of the front section.

Inside the front section are snap fasteners (marked Newey, England). There are two pairs of studs on the inside of the front section, allowing the belt to be adjusted.

The security sash is worn over the left shoulder to the waist at the right. It is the same material as the belt, but simply folded over, without a backing material. It is crudely stitched onto the belt. The belt itself is not one continuous piece. Originally the belt was cut, perhaps to remove the stun gun holster. To make it displayable, the two pieces have been stitched together in a lapped seam.

On the inside we see the waist size: 32 1/2 - 33 1/2. The names written inside are stuntmen: Paul Weston (twice), P. Barton, Osgood, Frank Henson.

One name, faint and crossed out, may be P. Mower. This would indicate that the security sash was a later addition to a standard belt.

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