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Alpha uniforms

The Infernal Machine

The uniform is worn with a light tan belt, about 2 inches in width, around the waist. This shot is one of the rare occasions when we see more details of the belt (on Koenig's table). We can see the 2 hooks on the inside of the rounded end, and on the other end are 4 sets of holes, allowing the belt to be adjusted after lunch.

A set of original Year 1 belts. Note one end (the outer end) is rounded; the inner end with holes has angled ends. There are several sizes here; 23-25 inch waists, 26-28 inches, and 32-38 inch waists. There would have been an intermediate 29-31 inch waist.

A close up of the holes. Each has four sets of holes, ringed with metal. Obviously some people didn't quite fit these positions, so extra holes have been punched through them - up to 9 sets of holes on one of the men's belts.

The inside of the belts, showing the two hooks on one end, and the holes on the other. The belt size was written on the end with the holes, usually on a small white label but here directly written on the belt material. The end with the hooks is reinforced, as this will be the outer end visible on screen.

In the centre of the belts we see stamped in gold the name of the designer; Rudi Gernreich. Numerous names of the actors who wore the belts have been written by the costume department.

Wear and tear, and repairs, are visible on the inside of the belts.

The legible names in the above photo:

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