The Catacombs Production Guide

Scene 50.

The script states "boarding tube. It whines towards the door of the Cargo Eagle and locks on." This would be impossible with the winch platform used in the episode.

Scene 51.

The script says "The Cargo Eagle sits there with the Boarding Tube locked to its side door. After a moment, the Boarding Tube unlocks and starts to pull back. As soon as it clears, the Cargo Eagle lifts off." "Stock" signifies they would use previously filmed footage (probably from Breakaway).

Scene 51A.

The script states "The Cargo Eagle moves away from Alpha."

Eagle [Cargo] leaves Alpha Base.

Scene 54.

The script states "The Cargo Eagle has arrived. It hovers over the Crashed Eagle and the Rescue Eagle." The boarding tube comment comes from scene 51, but perhaps indicates we should see the tube between the Rescue Eagle and the crash Eagle. The only one of these shots used.

Cargo Eagle (hovers) above?? crash - boarding tube locked on.

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Scene 59.

Lifting device lowered onto crashed Eagle command module.

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Scene 64.

Lifting device in position.

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Scene 67.

The module separates and is lifted into the air.

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Scene 69.

Cargo Eagle heads towards Alpha base

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Scene 69A.

Rescue Eagle blasts off leaving remains of crashed Eagle

Cut from the episode, this shot appears in the This Episode sequence.

Missing Link This Episode

Scene 74.

Cargo Eagle lowers crash module onto pad - pad lowers

Not seen in the episode