The Catacombs Production Guide

These special effects storyboards were drawn for the episode Missing Link. Several of these shots have filming dates in early May 1974. In July 1974 a new script would be produced, and additional effects shots were made (see here).

Scene 1.
Moon moves thru universe twards solar system.

Filmed on 2nd May 1974.

Missing Link

Scene 1A.
Eagle approaches out of control.

Filmed on 6th May 1974. Originally the second shot of the episode, new scenes would be inserted before this one.

Missing Link

Scene 3.
Eagle rolls out of control diag R-L.

Filmed on 6th May 1974.

Missing Link

Scene 3A.
Another angle. Eagle dives towards moon.

Not used (and very similar to 3B)

Scene 3B.
Eagle continues its dive towards moon.

Missing Link