The Catacombs Production Guide

The original effects shooting for this episode had been in early May. On 4th July 1974 a new script was produced with new effects scenes. These are the new shots described in the script (renumbered, to skip the live action scenes). One major reason for the new scenes was to clearly show the planet Zenno (in the original shots, the planet was absent or one of several planets in the space sky).

Scene 2.

The original scene was described as showing Koenig and his copilot visible at the controls (suggesting a glass shot used in previous episodes). The actual shot moves from a front view to the same right-to-left diagonal used in the other shots.

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Scene 3.

Eagle starts roll whilst moving R-L Diag

Not used in episode (we see the original shot 1A, filmed on 6th May).

Scene 4,5,6.

Eagle crashed + Zenno BG in frame

Three views of the crash, with the engines towards camera. The second was used for the episode title. In the script, scene 7 (3 here) states to start on the Eagle and pan up up to Zenno. In scene 8, start on Zenno, then pan down to the crash. These storyboards show they avoided the camera movement, keeping them static shots.

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Scene 7.

Beautiful Zenno + Moon + Stars

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