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In scene 46, Koenig enters the empty Main Mission. He activates the Big Screen. The script describes what he sees:

It reveals a beautiful futuristic city. Strange, elegant buildings, various cube and triangle shapes of different bright colours.

We see the Zenno city twice more in the episode. In scene 47, when Koenig meets Raan, we see a vignette of the Zenno city: "A city of light, Commander. Light is alive, colour is alive.". Vana later shows him the same view in scene 86 "There are wonders here beyond your imagination." Finally, in scene 90, Koenig and Sandra look at it.

The Zenno city is a matte painting, painted by Ray Caple, and animated with lights. The painting was filmed on 28 July 1974 according to the clapperboard. In the episode, we only see it as an optical burn-in, but there is one good full-screen shot in the This Episode sequence. SFX footage

These shots were planned for the original filming schedule in early May 1974. It's possible they were waiting for Ray Caple to be available to paint the city. When the painting was available in July, an additional script had been written and new effects scenes were required.

Scene 8. Glass shot + Moon.

This is the Moon for the following Zenno city shots

Painting + cloud.

We're not sure what "hurb." means.

Painting + moon

This is the shot we see in vignette in the episode.

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Eagle. C/U with pan

The Eagle shot is the one seen on the Big Screen, and also seen in This Episode. The second "Same as" shot may be have the Eagle on the opposite side. A third shot is sketched, a close-up with pan; this was shot but not used in the episode. It appears on the Network Year 1 DVD and Blu-ray.

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