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Space 1999 Cover Art

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Titbits Number 4663, 24-30 July 1975 More

Meccano Magazine, Vol.63 No.1, January 1978. Meccano was a popular model construction system invented in 1901 and popular with British children until the 1980s. There is no article about the model, just a short note on the contents page: "ON THE COVER : Space science-fiction in Meccano! A model of an "Eagle Transporter" from Gerry Anderson's Space television series "SPACE 1999". The model was built specially for modern display purposes by Mr. Dave Gunstone of the Model Dept. staff at Binns Road. using a Dinky Toy Eagle Transporter as a constructional guide. Like Mike Nicholls' Atlas Digger featured the last MM, this is another example of how toys such as Dinky can inspire the modeller." Dinky was a brand owned by Meccano, and both were owned at the time by Airfix.

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