The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
Stun gun holsters
by Martin Willey

Stun gun holster

Matter Of Life And Death

The stun gun is worn in a holster attached to the uniform or spacesuit belt. The holster is made of vinyl, similar to the belts. There is a silver metal ring on the front of the belt loop. The gun is held in place by a small vinyl loop with a metal snap fastener on the front.

The Infernal Machine

The front and back of the pocket base is reinforced, with a triangular piece in front. Some holsters have a metal ring positioned below the centre of the belt, like this one. It also has two rivets, holding the front and back of the belt loop together. The rivets first appeared on some holsters in Force of Life; by the second series, most holsters had the rivets.

Another Time, Another Place Force Of Life Seed Of Destruction

The holster works well with the lightweight vacuum-formed prop guns, but the heavier wooden props hang out of the pocket.

The A B Chrysalis The A B Chrysalis Catacombs Of The Moon Dorzak

Sometimes accidentally, often deliberately, the stuns guns were not secured in the holster by the snap fastener. In several scenes, the guns would be pulled from the holster quickly.

Earthbound The Infernal Machine Breakaway The Infernal Machine

The holsters on spacesuits are black, like the black belt. However, for some episodes (Another Time, Another Place, Missing Link, Alpha Child, all year 2) astronauts wear normal tan-coloured uniform holsters.

End Of Eternity Another Time, Another Place Missing Link The A B Chrysalis
Another Time, Another Place

In this shot from Another Time, Another Place, Helena's holster has pulled down in front, possibly by the weight of stun gun, so the top crease is visible. The belt loop Koenig's holster has separated completely.

Missing Link Dorzak Dorzak

There are other visible examples of the back of the loop separating, in these shots (Val Musetti in Missing Link, Paul Jericho in Dorzak). Note these holsters do not have the rivets.

Seed Of Destruction

The only left-handed holster we see is the Mirror Koenig in Seed Of Destruction. There is a left-handed guard in Space Warp, but his holster is on the right. Otherwise, there seem to be no left-handed armed personnel.

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