The Catacombs The Continuity Guide
by Martin Willey

Geology Equipment

All That Glisters

A number of pieces of geological equipment first appeared in All That Glisters, and then appears in other episodes. Most distinctive is a hexagonal unit with a handle and voltmeter. The labels are "ST-214" and (in red) "Fuse", and on the neck "Electronic Bolt".

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All That Glisters

All That Glisters

The Taybor

The Taybor- in the Survey Equipment Room.

The Mark Of Archanon

Mark Of Archanon.

The A B Chrysalis

On a trolley in the Power Room, for The AB Chrysalis

The Beta Cloud

In Weapons Center in The Beta Cloud (on the desk on the right, hidden behind the keyboard).

The Lambda Factor

The Lambda Factor.

The original prop was in the collection of Paolo Prevosto. Pictures thanks to Paolo.

Geology Unit - Dial Geology Unit - ST.214 Geology Unit - Power

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