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Unseen episodes

Unfilmed scripts and original script titles

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Zero G Pilot script by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson
More details
The Void Ahead Pilot script by George Bellak
See Breakaway
The Breath Of Death Unfilmed script by Irving Neiman
Planet of the Eye Unfilmed outline by Victor Pemberton (details)
Siren Planet Unfilmed script by Art Wallace
See Matter Of Life And Death
Nobody's Perfect Early version of Guardian Of Piri
Second Sex Early version of The Last Enemy
Web Early version of Dragon's Domain
The Biological Soul Early version of The Metamorph
The Biological Computer Early version of The Metamorph
The Face Of Eden Unfilmed script by Johnny Byrne.
Eventually became The Immunity Syndrome
Children Of The Gods Unfilmed script by Johnny Byrne.
More details here
The Mutiny Early title of The Seance Spectre
Warriors of the Deep 1984 episode of Dr Who by Johnny Byrne.
It is often stated that was based on Space: 1999. Details

Promotional film

Year 1 Promo Short promotional film for Year 1
Year 2 Promo Short promotional films for Year 2
Behind The Scenes Film On-set filming


The Space: 1999 Documentary 1996 documentary about the making of Space: 1999
The Future Was Fantastic Gerry Anderson documentary includes Brian Johnson interview

Fan films

Message From Moonbase Alpha Short film written by Johnny Byrne in 1999, set 20 years after the breakaway
Episode guide
Return of Victor Bergman Short film starring Barry Morse (filmed 2002, first shown 2010)
Episode guide
Space 2099 (Original)
Moonbase Alpha Legacy
Eric Bernard's updated episodes from 2000
Episode guide
Malice 1999 Short one-off film from 2012.
The Passenger Short one-off film from 2014.
UFO 1999 Parody of UFO and Space 1999, first created in 1999 with new film 2012.
Cosmos 1999 Stop motion film from 1979.


Raw SFX footage Studio footage, some never used in the episodes.

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