The Catacombs ITV Ad-Break Cards

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When advertising breaks interrupted a TV programme, ITV channels would typically show a publicity card for a few seconds at the start and end of the break (for an hour long Space 1999 episode, this was typically two breaks). They sometimes also appeared immediately before an episode as the announcer declared what the next programme was. These publicity cards, sometimes called "bumpers", were sometimes customised by the local channel. Here is a selection of screenshots from vintage recordings of the series, thanks to Ros Connors.

The 2010 Network Blu-ray release includes on disc 7 a set of 4 "ad bumpers"; this are not original, but reconstructed for this release using an image of the original card (shown here) to fade in and out with the series title.

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Space: 1999 original break bumper, taken from 'Journey to Where' broadcast LWT 31.12.78

This was seen in many regions during the original broadcasts from 1975. The image is actually from the alternate end credits.

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LWT continuity slide 1975-1983 taken from 'Dragon's Domain' broadcast 16.10.82

The standard Year One title shot.

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LWT continuity slide from 1984-1985, minor variation to original with some white portions of Moonbase now in yellow. Taken from 'The Beta Cloud' broadcast 16.02.85

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TVS continuity slide 1982 taken from 'Matter of Life and Death' broadcast 17.10.82

The image is Buzz Aldrin on the Moon (with Neil Armstrong seen reflected in the visor), 20th July 1969.

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Granada continuity slide 1983 taken from 'The Bringers of Wonder Part 2' broadcast 19.06.83

A cropped publicity image of the Hawk (the full image shows Moonbase Alpha and the Satazius from Last Enemy). This card also appeared on other stations in 1983.

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HTV continuity slide 1984 taken shortly before 'Devil's Planet' broadcast 01.06.84

The image is by Arnaldo Putzu for the 1975 cover of Look-In comic. It was used in the 1980s repeats by HTV.

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Yorkshire continuity slide from 1980. Taken from 'Space Warp' broadcast 04.09.80

A generic sunset image, not even science fiction.

Images thanks to Ros Connors