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Dobson books
Orbit: (nbr 4) ISBN 0 8600 7864 7 Oct 1975 ; 45p (Aus $1.65, NZ $1.40, Can $1.75)
Dobson: (nbr 4) ISBN 0 234 77814 8 Dec 1975 ; £2.95
Pocket: (nbr 4) 671-80274-7 Feb 1976 ; $1.50
Revised in Space: 1999 Year One (Powys; 2020)

AD 1999

Torn from Earth's orbit by a nuclear cataclysm, the Moon and its Alpha base hurtle through the depths of interstellar space - and into the path of an enormous asteroid.

With impact point just hours away, the only course open to the Alphans is to destroy the asteroid - but how? And would the damaged crust of the Moon withstand the immense shockwave?

COLLISION COURSE is the fourth in this exciting series of intergalactic adventure in the Alphans' search for a new planet, and is based on ATV's television spectacular SPACE 1999.


A nuclear "mistake" blasts the men and women of Moonbase Alpha on a daring one-way odyssey to distant stars. Their only home is a wandering cinder heap. Their daily routine - outwitting the treacherous alien forces of the universe.

There is a brilliant flash of light and a planet appears where none should be. A gift from the mysterious queen Arra? Or a deadly world where the present becomes as primitive as the past?

The Alphans unlock more than the secret of life and death when they free an astonishing creature with the face of a diabolical angel!

Dobson books

The inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha, led and inspired by their commander John Koenig, have learnt to live within the restrictions of their artificial environment, making the most of all the resources available to them. As they shoot through space on a vagrant Moon, loosed from its age old orbit round the Earth by a tremendous explosion, strange sights and occurrences meet them at every turn. But nothing has struck such fear into them as the sight of impending disaster - the certainty of total destruction as they are sucked into the gravitational pull of an enormous mass ...

This is the fourth book in the Space: 1999 series, published in conjunction with the ATV programme of the same name.

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