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Dobson books Flucht Ins All by E.C. Tubb click for larger image (41k)

This is the only book of the six Year 1 novelisations to adapt just three episode scripts, instead of four. Within the Missing Link adaption, Brian Ball uses a few elements from Earthbound. The hallucination Bergman (taking the place of Simmonds) shows Koenig an ancient alien spaceship that crashed a thousand years before their Eagle crash. Inside the alien crew had turned to dust inside their "deep freeze" containers, but now three Alphans could fix the flaw and return to Earth.

"Koenig, you’re not thinking, man! It’s our chance! We take the ship! Any three Alphans can be on a course for Earth within the next few hours. I’ve looked at the life-support systems. Whoever the aliens were, they had the same kind of metabolism as ours. They needed more oxygen and a trace of a couple of gases we don’t use, but I can have the tanks converted with no trouble. Look, Koenig, call David Kano and have him bring some equipment. Swear him to secrecy, first. Call him, John!"
"Kano you mean, offer him a place?"
"Yes! You, me, and Kano!"
Orbit: (nbr 3) ISBN 0 8600 7845 0 Aug 1975 ; 40p (Aus/NZ/Can $1.50)
Dobson: (nbr 3) ISBN 0 234 77811 3 Dec 1975 ; £2.95
Pocket: (nbr 3) 671-80198-8 Nov 1975 ; $1.50
Breitschopf: #534, ISBN 3-7004-0042-X, 254 pages
("Der mysteriöse Planet" -"The Mysterious Planet"-, included with Breakaway/"Flucht ins All")
Breitschopf: #632, ISBN 3-7004-0089-6, 300 pages
("Terra ruft Mondbasis" -"Terra is calling Moonbase"- with Breakaway/"Flucht ins All")
1984, as by Patrick O'Connor
Revised in Space: 1999 Year One (Powys; 2020)

AD 1999

A nuclear cataclysm had blasted the Moon and its Alpha base out of Earth's orbit, plunging it into the black gulf of deep space. With no hope of return, the Alphans were forced to wander through the star map in search of an hospitable planet.

They found Piri, a peaceful, lush world, a near paradise. Or was it?

To Commander John Koenig, Piri spelt danger - it was a mysterious planet of grey ash and blackened rock that had bewitched his crew. Hopelessly outnumbered, the base was evacuated to Piri and there Koenig discovered just what had taken control of their minds...

THE SPACE GUARDIANS is the third in this series based on ATV's exciting television spectacular SPACE 1999.


Blasting through the cosmos on a collision course with adventure, the 311 inhabitants of Alpha travel to mysterious, uncharted regions of the galaxy. Each day is a game of survival with the merciless universe.

On Alpha, Commander Koenig is still breathing. His soul has been stolen by a dazzling woman in a purple city that exists in the realm of thought only. And blood runs cold when an alien force transforms a crewman into an icy, energy-consuming monster - who won't stop till Alpha freezes over!

Dobson books

The moon, having been flung out into the depths of space by a mammoth explosion caused by the overaction of atomic waste stored on its surface, is hurtling into the unknown. The survivors of this apparent holocaust have managed to maintain for themselves a habitable atmosphere in what was Moonbase Alpha; they still have the Eagle fleet of space craft with which to reconnoitre and in which, hopefully, one day to escape to a new world.

But the perils and terrors of deep space beset them at every turn and life becomes less and less easy as they prepare for the arrival of a strange object, the like of which they have never before seen.

This the third story in the series published in conjunction with ATV's spectacular Space; 1999.

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